Tuesday, December 30, 2008

20 Week Appt & Ultrasound

So, I had my 20w appt yesterday. I apparently managed to gain 6lbs since my last appt. I hate water retention! It's because of all the junk I've eaten from Christmas Eve until Sunday. BLEH! He just joked around and said "You think you can slow down the weight gain? Maybe to 1lb a week?" I initially lost 7lbs prior to 8w and since 8w gained the 7lbs back. So I am back to my pre-pg weight. I can't complain about that right?! 1lb a week would put me at about 18lbs total gained if I even make it to 38w. Not bad! Everything else was great, b/p was 102/68. It seems to be low. Better than being high! :-P I measured at 21w so right on target.

The u/s this morning was great! It technically was the "big" u/s but I had the 3D one back on the 6th so I already knew he was a boy. I think the biggest thing they did was to take all kinds of measurements of him. His heart looked perfect with the 4 chambers. She showed me his kidneys and bladder and such. I never even knew you could see that on an u/s. The dr came in afterward and said he looks perfect! He's already packing on the weight measuring at 20w6d (I'm 20w3d) and 14oz! Overachiever! He is a very active boy as well. I drank some OJ before I went in and he was moving all over the place. The u/s tech had fun getting him to stay still for the measurements. I'm so happy he's healthy! Next dr appt is at 24w. :-)