Saturday, March 28, 2009

33 Weeks & 8 Full Months!

Just about 4-5w left to go give or take! I cannot believe how fast everything has gone. I feel big as a house too! At my 32w appt, Oliver was vertex! He's been ever since. :) He dropped somewhere between 31w and 32w. It's become quite a challenge walking around. I'm officially in the "I'm so done with being pregnant!" stage. I am still only up 9lbs from pre-pregnancy weight and my BP is perfect. My next appointment is April 6th.

Don't forget to vote on the stats poll off to the right because I am closing it in just 2w. I can't wait to see who wins!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Almost there, you look FANTASTIC!! Can't wait to meet baby Oliver!

Angela said...

You look great!