Saturday, October 4, 2008

My 30th Birthday party!

We had my 30th birthday party planned for tonight. Sent out evites, gathered the menu, prepped our house.... all that fun stuff. Allan took me to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner last night and we had a fun time. I noticed how strange he was acting the whole evening. Just very nervous. I was suspicious.

So, we pull into the garage and he stands at the door, doesn't go in. I also did not hear my dog barking as I usually do..... my nervousness began. I said to him "Why are you standing at the door?". He reluctantly goes in and says something in my direction. Our garage door opens into the kitchen, so I go in the kitchen to put the doggy bags in the fridge when I look to my right and there was a guitar case lying on the floor. I said "OHHHH Scott was here! Who's guitar is that??!" (Scott is his BFF and since he was the one who had been having many correspondences with Allan that evening.. I assumed.) I look at Allan and he honestly didn't know what to say but gave me the "GO!" whisper. I walk into the dining room greeted with a "SURPRISE!!" by 25 or so of my dearest friends/family. Allan had this surprise party planned for the past month! That sneaky and yet very loving man of mine!

I had a LOT of fun and am grateful that he decided to step up and take care of it all. Pretty cool huh?!

On another note.... I am 8w today! Time is flying by.


acupofearlgreywithme said...

Happy Birthday again! I had so much fun last night!
Oh my! Your baby is getting bigger!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

FUN FUN!! What a great hubby!