Monday, October 6, 2008

My 8w appointment!

Went in for my 8w appointment this morning. I have to say I just love my OB! He spent at least an hour with me and we discussed pretty much everything. Went over my medical history, got a pap (how fun *insert eye roll*), pelvic exam (more fun) and then had an u/s and got to see our baby!!

I am 8w2d today but the baby measured at 8w5d so he/she caught up and is ahead of schedule! Yippy!!! I go back Nov 3rd for my 12w appt. Here's the pic. The baby is lying transverse with the head on the left. You can see the little arm and leg nubs. So cute! Looks like a baby now and not like a tadpole. Hehe!


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