Wednesday, January 28, 2009

24 Weeks & Pics from the cruise!

Ok I am a little late with this 24w update. :-P All is well! I had my dr appt today. Fundal height is exactly 24.5w, which I am, BP was 110/74, up 5lbs since my 20w appt (makes for 5lbs total from pre-pg weight) and Oliver is FINALLY head down (which I already knew a few days ago)!!! He's been breach my entire pg until just 3-4 days ago when I noticed most of the kicking was high instead the usual low and the shape of my belly changed. It wasn't sticking out as far. Glad he found his way!

On the 22nd to the 26th we were on the AOMIN cruise from Miami to Key West and Cozumel. We had a great time! Prior to the cruise we went to the conference/debate and that was very educational. Below are some pics. We are so grateful for the family and friends who watched the children while we were away! :-)


Mimi said...

You look so good!!!! You are almost there!


Angela said...

Nice babymoon location!