Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! 27 Weeks & 3rd Trimester!!

WOW!! Time has DEFINITELY flown by! I have about 11-12 weeks to go give or take (if I make it to 38 weeks). I started getting Braxton Hicks contractions about 3-4 days ago, fun stuff! I had an OB appointment 24.5 weeks and all is well! Fundal height was exactly 24.5w, I only gained a few lbs and guess what..... HE'S FINALLY VERTEX (head down)!!! YAY! He's been breach this whole pregnancy and though I wasn't concerned, it was nice that he found his way to the right position. So, naturally I've been feeling most the kicking in my ribs. Hehe! He's such an active baby. I don't remember the other two kids as active as him. I will have my hands full! My next OB appointment is on the 25th (28.5w weeks) at which time my appointments will switch to every 2 weeks!!

I met with my doula on Tuesday evening. She's so sweet and I am so excited to be having her for the labor and delivery! I have to schedule my next appointment with her for early March to finalize all the details about my birth plan. She'll also get to meet Allan and the kids then too. :-)

I'm kinda of sad that I won't be having a baby shower, but I honestly need very little at this point, so a shower would be more of a baby celebration. I thought about having a Welcome Baby party after he was born. Who knows.

Next Saturday I am going to a photo shoot! I can't wait! I'll be sure to post pics of that when I get them.


Mimi said...

You look adorable honey!!! I can not believe how far along you are already!!! Too cool!!! I pray for at least 11 weeks!!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Your hair looks cute! Time flies when you aren't the one pregnant ;o)

StaceyH said...

Goodness! Time is flying for me too! It's crazy.