Sunday, February 22, 2009

28 Weeks & 7 Full Months!

30 weeks is right around the corner! I am now in my 8th month. The braxton hicks haven't been too bad over the last few days (or maybe I've learned to ignore them?). My next OB appointment is Wednesday! I am excited. I am probably one of those weird women that enjoy going to the drs (well at least this dr I do). I believe after this one I move to bi-weekly appointments until 36w. I will edit this post with an update on Wednesday. :-)

I had the photo shoot done yesterday at Piedmont Park. It was a beautiful day! I can't wait to see how the pics turned out. I will definitely post those when they come in.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

You look beautiful! Hahaha the little word verification is: snack

Mimi said...

Look at you momma!!! You look so good. This is going by so fast!!! I can't wait to see your pictures!