Saturday, November 1, 2008

12 Weeks!

Welcome to 12 weeks! Only one more week to the 2nd trimester! I am feeling great. I haven't had a headache/migraine in 3 days!! Some rather exciting news..... I felt the baby moving around ever since Thursday!!!! It seems to happen the most in the mid-morning and evenings, but only lasting about 5min and in the same place every time. I can only seem to feel it when I'm sitting up. It's nice though because it's like clockwork. Maybe that's the baby's awake schedule, I don't know. Monday is my 12w appointment. I'll be sure to post an ultrasound picture when I return home. :-)

This morning I went to see a free private viewing of Fireproof with Kirk Cameron. It's definitely not a movie for emotional pregnant women to go see! :-P It was however, a fantastic movie that I recommend everyone go see.

Afterward, I went to our new house (we're moving on Sat the 8th for those who don't know) with my father and painted the master bedroom. The only room that needed to be painted. I love the color! I'll be sure to post some pictures after we get settled in. Here's a picture of the house. I honestly don't think these pictures give any justice to how pretty the house is. The neighborhood is BEAUTIFUL and neighbors friendly. I am so excited about the move. I am most excited about getting the nursery set up!! I am definitely going to wait until the gender scan on Dec 6th before purchasing any furniture. We did however buy the crib bedding set last week and I absolutely LOVE it! I got such a HUGE deal on it. It's a 13pcs set.


Mimi said...

I love the house!!!! I love the belly!!! I love the bedroom set for the baby!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!


Lindsey said...

Cute bedding and nice house! Can't wait to see more pics~!