Saturday, November 15, 2008

14 Weeks!

Yay for hitting 14 weeks! I feel wonderful! Baby is moving around more these days. I won't be putting belly pictures in my posts anymore, but you can see weekly updated ones off to the right. :-) I am so excited that only 3 weeks from now we get to find out if this is a boy or girl. I'm thinking pink! :-P

We haven't completely unpacked yet, which is to say we haven't unpacked most of the boxes. *hehe* Today however, I plan to finish both the kid's rooms. I definitely need to get the school house set up before Monday, so that may not get done until tomorrow. We'll have to see how helpful the children are. ;-) I will be putting before and after pictures up when it's completed.

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Mimi said...

I hope you still post your belly pics or I am going to be sad!!!! Congrats on 14 weeks!! I am guessing a girl!!